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mold test

Mold Testing

Some mold is obvious. It’s right there in front of you. In cases where mold is in unseen places–like behind a cabinet or behind dry wall, you won’t see it but it can still make you sick.

That’s why we offer an Air Quality Test.

Air Quality Tests

Pure Maintenance of Central Jersey offers top of the line mold testing using Air Quality Tests. Pure Maintenance of Central Jersey is able to take samples of the air from your home to determine precise mold levels. A Pure Maintenance of Central Jersey employee will pump 75 liters of air in your home through a cassette filter. That mold testing filter is then sent to an independent lab that analyzes the filter.  The mold test report gives information detailing the concentration of mold spores in the home and what types of mold spores are in the home. It is easy to tell if there is an issue once this report is compared with outside mold levels. The mold test done in your home should be similar or below outdoor mold testing averages in order for your home to be healthy.

Because we test four factors in mold spore concentration, lab results can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. All air samples taken by Pure Maintenance of Central Jersey are sent to EMLab P&K in Phoenix, AZ.  EMLab P&K is an accredited mold lab with no affiliations with any mold testing or mold remediation companies..

The unique thing about the Pure Maintenance mold testing procedure is that they save you money by running less tests than other mold removal companies. Other companies have to run a mold test in almost every room to determine where mold levels are the highest. This mold testing process will cost you hundreds of dollars. Pure Maintenance of Central Jersey treats the whole home every time, so they don’t need to run tests in every room. Other companies charge anywhere from $250 to $500 for mold testing.

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